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Casion aims to make the transition to electric vehicles seamless and worry-free for all by partnering with landowners across Indonesia, expanding to 10,000 stations by 2025. 


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Casion handles end-to-end installation from installing the required cable infrastructure to the stations itself. We manage operations of all stations, and provide maintenance from repairs to day-to-day upkeep. 


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  1. Q : How does the Casion charging network work?
    A : Casion is your EV's best friend! Simply drive up to one of our charging stations, unplug the nozzle, plug in, and CAS, let your vehicle soak up the juice while you relax or run errands.
  2. Q : How can I locate a Casion charging station near me?
    A : Need to CAS your EV? Casion mobile app will guide you to the closest charging station in a jiffy. You can also see our ‘Locations’ Instagram highlight that is updated in real-time.
  3. Q : What are the operating hours of Casion charging stations?
    A : Casion never sleeps! Our charging stations are available 24/7 so you can charge at your convenience, day or night. Simply look at the building’s operational hours on Google as your reference.
  4. Q : What safety measures are in place at Casion charging stations?
    A : At Casion, safety is paramount. Not only do we comply with the most stringent regulations and global standards, our stations are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure a safe charging experience every time.
  5. Q : Are there customer service representatives available if I have trouble while charging?
    A : Yes indeed! Our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to help if you ever have trouble during your charging session. Contact us on WhatsApp to talk to our customer service admin. CAS!
  6. Q : Can I use the Casion charging network even if I didn't purchase my EV in Indonesia?
    A : Absolutely! No matter where your EV is from, it's always welcome at our Casion charging stations.
  7. Q : Are Casion charging stations available in locations outside of Jakarta?
    A : Currently, our stations are placed primarily in Jakarta, but we have big plans! Keep an eye out for new locations coming soon!
  8. Q : How often is maintenance performed on Casion charging stations?
    A : Our dedicated maintenance teams regularly service our stations to ensure they're always in top-notch condition and safe for you to use anytime, everywhere.
  9. Q : How reliable is the Casion network? How often are charging stations out of service?
    A : Our Casion network is designed to be as reliable as possible. On the rare occasion a station is out of service, our maintenance team will ensure it's back in action as quickly as possible.

  1. Q : How can I start using a Casion charging station?
    A : Getting started with Casion is as easy as ABC! Just locate a station, plug the nozzle into your EV, CAS, and unplug when you’re done !
  2. Q : How long does it typically take to charge an EV at a Casion level 2 charger?
    A : On average, our level 2 chargers (22kwh) will have your vehicle all juiced up in a few hours. Just enough time for a meeting, good movie or a meal!
  3. Q : What type of plugs do Casion chargers support? Are they compatible with my vehicle?
    A : Plug compatibility? No worries! Our chargers are designed to work with all EVs. We provide a universal type 2 connector. Just plug and charge!
  4. Q : Does Casion have plans to introduce faster charging options in the future?
    A : Want to charge even faster? We're working on it! We will be providing plenty of DC charging station soon. Stay tuned for future updates as we constantly strive to improve your charging experience.

  1. Q : Is there a Casion mobile application available for tracking charging status?
    A : Got a smartphone? Then you've got a Casion station in your pocket! Our mobile app lets you track your CAS status, locate stations, and pay for your charge in no time.
  2. Q : Can I reserve a charging station in advance?
    A : This feature is unavailable at the moment. Hopefully in the future our Casion app can book a charger in advance to make sure it's ready when you need it.
  3. Q : Is there a limit on how long I can leave my car at a charging station?
    A : We will notify you through the application once your vehicle is finished charging. While there's no strict time limit, we encourage customers to unplug and vacate the space once their vehicle is fully charged, making way for other users. Sharing is caring, after all!

  1. Q : How can I pay for the charging services?
    A : Payment is a snap! We accept major payment systems, like e-money, virtual accounts and QR. Credit cards or debit cards coming soon!
  2. Q : Are there any memberships or subscription services for regular customers?
    A : You bet! We will offer fantastic benefits for our regular users. Get ready for some cool benefits! Download our app, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram for updates.
  3. Q : Are there any promotions or discounts available for first-time users or referrals?
    A : First-timers, we've got something special for you! Check out our promotions on our App and Socials to get the most bang for your buck!
  4. Q : What happens if I stop my charging session early?
    A: When you stop charging before the pre-selected/confirmed charging time, the remaining time will be returned as CAS points that you can use the next time you charge with us.

  1. Q : What is CAS Point?
    A : CAS Points is one of our payment tools in Casion - think of it as your very own special CAS Tokens!
  2. Q : How do I get CAS Points?
    A : You will get CAS Points whenever you stop charging before the pre-selected charging time. But don’t worry, we like to give CAS Points giveaway every now and then. Stay tuned on our social media to get them!
  3. Q : How much does CAS Points worth?
    A : 1 CAS Points = Rp. 1
  4. Q : Does CAS Point expire?
    A : It will never expire. Worry not, we have designed to make CAS Point as the primary payment method.
  5. Q : Can I cash out my CAS Points?
    A : No.
  6. Q : Can I transfer my CAS Points to other CASION user?
    A : No, CAS Points is not transferable.

  1. Q : What measures are Casion taking to ensure sustainability and environmental friendliness?
    A : At Casion, we're committed to a greener tomorrow by educating users the importance of reducing carbon footprint by switching to EV and continuously seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact. One step at a time.
  2. Q : Want to have Casion at your location?
    A : Apply to have Casion at your location for free!
  3. Q : How do I delete my account?
    A : Go to settings, click Remove Account. Confirm twice on data deletion, then it’s done!